It seems like there’s a new model for your phone being released every week. With phones and especially smartphones only getting more and more expensive, you probably have to choose the right time to upgrade your phone. We’ve got a couple of useful tips on how to save yourself money!

New Features

Each new phone release boasts a whole host of new features. However, if you look closely, most of these features are really minor. They can include things like new emojis or different phone colors. Neither of those seems worth the nearly thousand-dollar price tag. Instead, wait for models that come out with features like increased performance or a camera upgrade. These are the things that make switching to the newest version worth it.

Keep in mind that with each new model there will be not only additional new features but also some taken away too. We don’t understand the constant give and take from phone manufacturers either. Do your research before you buy so you’re not left disappointed.

Bad Battery

Running out of battery is a problem we all deal with. However, when it goes beyond just forgetting to charge your phone, you might have a battery problem. We suggest you review what’s running in the background of your phone and turning unnecessary features off first. If you are still having a problem, there’s probably a battery issue. While you can just get the battery replaced, if your phone is already a few years old, this might be a sign that it’s time to upgrade.

Broken Screen

If you’re dealing with a broken screen, it can seem like your phone is done for. Before you go and shell out a small fortune for a new phone, take it to Dr. Phone Fix first. Chances are we’ll be able to replace the screen without you having to scrap your phone. With a new screen, it’ll feel as good as new!


Getting a new phone is a big investment. Make sure you’re taking everything into consideration before taking on the cost of a phone upgrade. These three things are important to consider when you are trying to decide if you should or shouldn’t upgrade your phone!