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Reasons to Choose a Professional to Fix Your Phone

Your phone is an important aspect of your everyday life and you always want to make sure it is working to the best of its ability. When it’s not, it can quickly become a frustrating situation. Regardless, if you use your phone for emailing, texting, calling, games, or all of the above, you will notice how inconvenient life is without it. Instead of giving in and buying a whole new phone, there are many reasons why it’s always better to get the problem repaired instead. If you need your phone fixed right away, don’t try to fix the issue yourself – leave it in the hands of a cell phone repair specialist.

Benefits of a Cell Phone Repair Specialist

Money Saver: When it comes to repairing your phone, especially if you have one of the higher-end models, it is almost always cheaper than buying a brand-new phone. The price you will be spending on a phone screen repair or battery repair is nothing compared to the amount of money you would spend on a new phone.

Less Risk of Breaking it: When your cell phone breaks, you may become tempted to buy a few parts and fix the problem yourself. We highly recommend that you don’t do that. While YouTube may make it look simple enough, it is very easy to break your phone even further. Save the cost of a new phone for when you actually need it, and leave the smaller repairs to a professional.

Readily Available Parts: When you attempt to fix the issue yourself, you have to buy a multitude of parts that may end up costing you a pretty penny. Not only that, but it will also use up the little free time you have available. Professionals have a huge array of small screws, screwdrivers, and anything else they need to fix your phone. It’s nearly impossible to fix without the proper tools, so leave it to an expert.


The last thing you want to do is create an even bigger headache for yourself. When your phone is in need of a repair, get in touch with a team that has the tools and experience to help you during this time of need.

The New iPhones Are Here!

It is finally here! The yearly event all of us loyal iPhone users patiently wait for. This month, Apple has officially announced and released the new generation of iPhones to plenty of fanfare. We here at DrPhoneFix want to shed some light on the next big thing Apple has been cooking up.

The Specs

As expected, iPhone is expanding on with the iPhone X’s all-display design with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. These are may resemble each other on the outside, but it is what is inside that is the difference.

The XS Max is the big brother to the other iPhone X phones in every sense in the word, it is the X’s version of the Plus. The size comes in at 6.20 inches by 3.05 inches, which is apples largest display for a phone.


For those of you who are worried about cracking your screen, which is essentially the entire face of the phone, then you are in luck. This new crop of iPhones is supposed to have the most durable screens on the market. It remains to be seen as to if that claim can lead to less cracked screens, but it is good to know that Apple is taking steps in the right direction to protect our displays. After all, how problematic would it be if a phone that is almost all display had a flimsy screen?

On top of that, the battery is said to be the best yet. The improved battery life is designed to help power the phone’s massive display. The XR is said to have the longest battery life, but the XS and XS Max are not far behind.


For those who were expecting the headphone jack to make a comeback, we are sorry to say that will not happen. Not only is Apple going jack-less with the new phones, but they are also going discontinuing the 6, the last iPhone with a headphone jack. To go along with this collection of wireless trends, these new iPhones can also wirelessly charge.


With all the upgrades in the new phones, the price also gets an upgrade as well.  The XR starts off at $749, the XS at $999, and the XS Max comes in at a whopping $1,099. The price may be steep for some, but there is little doubt this is the biggest and best phone Apple has produced.


We hope that you feel a bit more informed about the new crop of Apple phones that have launched this month. A new crop of iPhones means a whole new set of issues, but you can count on DrPhoneFix cure the problem.

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