Smartphone Cleaning

With cold and flu season in full swing, everyone is trying to not get sick. When looking for ways to prevent catching an illness, it’s important to know where harmful bacteria comes from. One of the most disease-ridden things causing the flu is kept right in our pockets – our smartphones. According to scientists at the University of Arizona, phones have 10 times more bacteria on them than toilet seats. Gross! So, how exactly are our phones getting dirty?


Putting Our Phones in Dirty Places

Where we place our phones contributes to the amount of bacteria found on them. One of the places that contain the most bacteria are restrooms. Scientists recommend never placing your phone in the bathroom, or even bringing it in there at all. According to studies, about 75% of people use their phones when going to the restroom; that’s a lot of people potentially carrying fecal bacteria such as E.coli. Bringing your phone into the restroom is equal to using the bathroom and leaving without washing your hands, say scientists. A big way to reduce the number of germs on your phone is never bringing it into the restroom.


Touching Our Phones with Dirty Hands

However, our own hands are the main culprit when looking at our dirty phones. We touch our smartphones countless times a day, so it makes sense that our phones get the dirtiest because of how much they are being touched. Washing your hands often is a great way to keep your Android or iPhone clean! This in itself also helps prevent you from getting sick.

Smartphone Cleaning

How to Disinfect Your Phone

But how should we disinfect our phones to get rid of germs already present? There are a number of ways to do so. Before you clean your phone, we recommend turning your phone off and disconnecting it from any chargers or power sources. Then, remove the battery and tape shut all the port openings to prevent damage from liquids.


Wipe your Phone Clean

To clean your phone, Apple recommends using lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth (the kind that cleans eyeglasses) to wipe your screen. Be sure to dampen the cloth with the water instead of spraying it on your phone to prevent water damage. Cotton swabs and toothpicks help to get rid of gunk and grime that gets stuck in your phone’s smaller crevices. You can also use anti-bacterial wipes or microfiber phone cleaning kits.


Disinfect Your Phone

Want a stronger disinfectant? A 50-50 mixture of distilled water and white vinegar works, too. You can also try a mix of 60% water and 40% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and wipe with the lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth. Again, be sure to dampen the cloth with the liquid, and don’t apply the liquid directly on your phone. Use the dry part of the cloth to wipe any excess liquid from your phone. However, please be aware that Apple does NOT recommend using alcohol, ammonia, or other cleaning products to disinfect iPhones. When used gently and in small amounts, rubbing alcohol may not harm your phone, but be aware of your warranty plan and use it at your own risk.

Smartphone Cleaning


These are ways to keep your phone clean on the outside, but if you want to keep your phone clean on the inside, bring it to us at DrPhoneFix! We can repair anything from internal water damages to dead phones. In the case that you do accidentally break your phone from cleaning it, bring it to us and we can fix it in no time!