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Everything You Need To Know About Smartphone Viruses

As smartphones increase in popularity, so do smartphone viruses. While smartphones are generally more protected against viruses and malware than computers and laptops, they are still vulnerable to becoming infected. Contrary to popular belief, any brand of smartphone is at risk of contracting a virus. iPhones are equally as vulnerable to infection as Android phones, and even more so if the phone is jailbroken. This blog post will answer all of your questions related to smartphone viruses.

How do phones get infected?

  1. Bad Apps: These apps carry viruses that get inside of your phone once you download them, giving it access to your location, contacts list, text messages, email, social media accounts, and other personal information.
  2. Spam Emails or Texts: When you get a fishy email or text message with a link to a website, do not click it! When you open a link or other attachment, you open up your phone to viruses and malware. If your phone is already infected, your email’s spam blocker won’t work. You will get these scam emails and texts from sources disguised as people in your contacts list, which you will be more likely to open, allowing your phone to be further infected.
  3. Bad Websites: The easiest way for a phone to get a virus is from an internet download. Even though you may want to watch your favorite TV show online, be careful what you download, or else you risk getting a virus.
  4. PC Connections and Bluetooth: Computer viruses are just like viruses that humans get sick from. If your computer or laptop has a virus and you connect your phone to it, your phone can also contract a virus. Much like how viruses in real life are airborne, so are computer viruses. Phones with Bluetooth capabilities are vulnerable to catching viruses from nearby phones that are infected.

How do I protect my phone from getting a virus?

Download apps only from verified sources, such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or the Samsung Galaxy Store. Never download from third-party sources. Before you download an app, check the reviews and be on the lookout for other users warning about viruses.

Don’t click on pop-up ads while browsing the internet, and avoid downloading things from the internet as much as possible, unless it’s from a reputable, verified website. Never click on suspicious links that you receive in spam emails or texts. In addition, keep your phone’s operating system up to date and frequently back it up.

Lastly, you can purchase antivirus programs that are compatible with your phone. These programs scan apps, emails, texts, and file downloads. If an app or email raises a warning, the antivirus program will flag it for you and give you the option to download it or not.

How do I tell if my phone has a virus?

Some signs are easy to tell. You may notice pop-ups and invasive advertisements, or the appearance of an unfamiliar app that you know you never downloaded. Also, if people in your contacts list are receiving odd phone calls and texts from you, that means a virus is in your phone, trying to spread to others.

Other signs may not be immediately noticeable. While a fast draining battery is common, it could mean that you have a virus that’s using your battery to operate. If you’ve got unexplained charges on your cell phone bill or an increase in data usage, it could mean that a virus is using your phone to make calls and texts, and to send information. An overheating or slow phone is also a sign.

What do I do if my phone has a virus?

As soon as you notice that your phone has a virus, switch it on airplane mode so that the virus can’t send or receive data. If you notice any odd apps, uninstall them immediately. Then, do a factory reset and restore your phone from a previous backup; this can sometimes get rid of the harmful malware. Lastly, download a trusted antivirus program that’s compatible with your smartphone. If virus removal or backing up your phone doesn’t work, you may need to replace your whole phone.


You can never be too safe with your smartphone. Viruses are sneaky and can get into your phone when you least expect it. When you need smartphone repairs, you can always trust Dr Phone RX to help. We are your go-to phone repair professionals when you need software or hardware repairs.

What To Look for in a Waterproof Phone

Trying to search for the best waterproof phone? There are so many phones on the market that claim they prevent water damage. From the Samsung Galaxy to the iPhone, you want the best protection for your phone. In this blog, we will discuss some of the features to look for in a waterproof phone.


“The processor is the brain of the smartphone,” explains Nick Stam, director of technical marketing at Nvidia. “Just like a regular desktop or laptop, these devices are, at the highest level, computers, and like computers, they have a processor to do all the basic calculations and to execute code.”

A processor can make all the difference to your day-to-day use of the device. If you want to run a lot of apps, take a lot of pictures, and avoid glitches and freezes, make sure your processor can handle how much you use your phone.

Screen Size

Deciding on the right screen is key, especially if you’re considering a waterproof phone. If you’re looking to use it underwater, the bigger the better! Operating a phone camera while its submerged isn’t easy, so a larger screen may make things simpler.

Operating System

Android vs. iOS systems have their own set of pros and cons. Apple has lagged behind on waterproof phones, but have now introduced new and improved phones on the market. As for Android users, you can choose from Google and Samsung for a large diversity of waterproofed phones.

Camera Quality

The latest generation of smartphones has really stepped up the photo quality, with phone camera snaps uploaded to Instagram and other social media platforms on the daily. When it comes to camera quality, manufacturers know this is a feature that matters. If you have an interest for underwater photography, your main challenge is reduced lighting, as well as being able to operate the camera itself. Fortunately, low-light picture quality and image stabilization have improved immensely in recent smartphones.


Waterproof phones are designed to withstand water, so if you happen to drop it in the toilet or dunk it in your pool, it should be okay. While the waterproof feature of your phone is important, so is finding a phone with a good security system. iPhones and Androids have Face ID and touchscreen security included so that your phone can be protected unattended!

Conclusion From camera quality to screen size, there are so many features to consider when it comes to purchasing a waterproof phone. We know that accidents can happen, including  dropping your phone in the toilet while playing Angry Birds. If your phone has been damaged in any way, please bring it to DrPhoneFix today

Reasons to Choose a Professional to Fix Your Phone

Your phone is an important aspect of your everyday life and you always want to make sure it is working to the best of its ability. When it’s not, it can quickly become a frustrating situation. Regardless, if you use your phone for emailing, texting, calling, games, or all of the above, you will notice how inconvenient life is without it. Instead of giving in and buying a whole new phone, there are many reasons why it’s always better to get the problem repaired instead. If you need your phone fixed right away, don’t try to fix the issue yourself – leave it in the hands of a cell phone repair specialist.

Benefits of a Cell Phone Repair Specialist

Money Saver: When it comes to repairing your phone, especially if you have one of the higher-end models, it is almost always cheaper than buying a brand-new phone. The price you will be spending on a phone screen repair or battery repair is nothing compared to the amount of money you would spend on a new phone.

Less Risk of Breaking it: When your cell phone breaks, you may become tempted to buy a few parts and fix the problem yourself. We highly recommend that you don’t do that. While YouTube may make it look simple enough, it is very easy to break your phone even further. Save the cost of a new phone for when you actually need it, and leave the smaller repairs to a professional.

Readily Available Parts: When you attempt to fix the issue yourself, you have to buy a multitude of parts that may end up costing you a pretty penny. Not only that, but it will also use up the little free time you have available. Professionals have a huge array of small screws, screwdrivers, and anything else they need to fix your phone. It’s nearly impossible to fix without the proper tools, so leave it to an expert.


The last thing you want to do is create an even bigger headache for yourself. When your phone is in need of a repair, get in touch with a team that has the tools and experience to help you during this time of need.

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