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Is Your Cracked Smartphone a Danger to Itself and Others?

Have you ever experienced the unspeakable horror of watching with bated breath after dropping your phone down a stairwell, out a window, or whilst walking down the street? In those precious seconds before the phone makes landfall, only one thought crosses the mind of the owner: is the screen cracked? The distance of the fall, the trajectory of the phone upon impact, and the manner of protection on the phone are all issues that factor into the extent of the damage. Unfortunately, if your screen does get cracked or shattered, there’s little one can do other than shell out the clams to replace the LCD, or leave the ugly web of cracks until you can afford to fix it.

The Longer You Wait, the Worse It Gets

Many people choose to leave a cracked screen until the whole unit becomes inoperable. Before one takes the procrastination approach, consider the damage that continues to be done to the phone with a cracked or even shattered touchscreen. Smartphones are a marvel of modern technology, and while they’re manufactured to sustain considerable damage before they stop working, they’re also more susceptible to further loss of function. Without the full protection of your screen, the digitizer (the component responsible for interpreting your touch) is exposed to debris and water. If this is compromised, you’re looking at much more expensive and extensive repairs. The LCD glass can also lodge deeper into the phone, causing additional problems. The cracked glass can splinter and cut your fingers or embed in your skin. A cracked screen dramatically decreases the value of your device and it looks just plain unprofessional.

In those crucial days after cracking your smartphone LCD, it’s important to seriously consider investing in a repair straightaway. Yes, it is going to be a chunk of cash that you didn’t want to spend on a phone screen. However, the longer you wait to fix this little problem it can potentially grow in a larger and more serious issue that threatens to ruin your entire phone. If you really can’t afford an immediate repair, at the very least use a screen protector over the cracked surface. It’s not a long-term solution but it’s better than nothing.


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